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University’s multi-factor (or two-factor) authentication service for faculty and staff

Enterprise Security solution that provides endpoint protection (Anti-Virus, Firewall, Host-based Intrusion Protection System (HIPS), etc.) in a centralized manner to the university with no need for localized hardware.

Enterprise Security service that provides endpoint encryption solution for university departments

Service managing requests for access to data on OSU Administrative Systems

Software solution for OSU departments and colleges; used to identify and protect restricted data and intellectual property, and provide support for regulatory compliance

Enterprise Mobility Management separates personal information from university data stored on mobile devices. 

Data security education and awareness services

Service for managing large volumes of computer-generated machine data

Network Vulnerability Management helps Ohio State University Identify vulnerability risks in technology deployed on university networks. By detecting vulnerabilities, Ohio State departments and colleges can prioritize their remediation efforts, provide visibility to status and impact of those efforts, and remain compliant with university’s Information Security Standards.

Provides virtual SSL certificates for securing web sites

Security risk assessment service for S1 thru S4 data use with third party cloud based vendor solutions