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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

Ensure web transactions are secure by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates. SSL Certificates encrypt network traffic and contain specific information about a website and its owner to help ensure that the web site is valid and the owners are who they claim to be. 



When visitors see the “https://” in front of a website address, it indicates an SSL certificate is in place. This increases visitors’ trust in transacting business on the site. Visitors’ trust is important if the website is asking for usernames and passwords, credit card information or other personal information that needs to be highly secured.

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SSL Certificates are offered at no cost.


Visitors to websites with SSL Certificates will see “https” in front of the web address and know that it is secure.


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This service is available in the Enterprise Security Portal 24/7 year-round. There are no announced maintenance windows for this website.

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