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New Box Web Interface Coming Soon...

On June 14th, The OCIO will be enabling the new Box Web interface. You can preview this new interface by enabling it for your BuckeyeBox account, please use If you are not logged in then it will ask you to login. Please log in using your Ohio State Username and password. If you have trouble with your password please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-HELP(4357) or


You should then see the new look once you walk through a very brief "tour". If you were not logged in and you do not see the new interface, select the link again once you are logged in. You can select the “?” at the top right of the page to switch back to the old version if you would like to. Once the new interface is applied permanently on June 14th you will not be able to switch back. Until after June 14th the preview is browser dependant, meaning if you enabled it in one browser it will NOT carry over to another browser. After June 14th the new interface will be active for all users in all browsers.

You can provide feedback on the new experience by selecting that “?” at the top right.

Additional resources to help you get started:

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