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BuckeyeBox Sync 4

BuckeyeBox Sync

Box Sync 4.0 has a new efficient algorithm that is built to scale, and provides users with improved performance and reliability.  More information and complete documentation of Sync 4.0 can be found here:

What you need to know:

If the files on a user’s desktop in the older version of Sync are not completely in sync with what’s on the Box website, Box Sync 4 uses what’s on the website as the starting point and puts any additional/edited content on a user’s desktop in a new “My Box Files [Backup]" folder. That way none of your users’ work is lost, and they can decide which of those files need to be moved over to Sync 4 and updated as well on the web app. More details on this can be found here:

Other useful documentation on Sync 4.0:

Customizing the Sync folder location: 

How to sync subfolders: 

Proxy support: 

Additional FAQs: 

Differences from Sync 3.X:

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