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Best Practices: Using BuckeyeBox in your Course

BuckeyeBox in the Classroom

There are several great opportunities for implementing BuckeyeBox into your course, but you probably shouldn’t rely on it for everything. Learn about when to use BuckeyeBox versus the Learning Management System, Carmen, in our Knowledge Base article.

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BuckeyeBox Sync

Box's sync feature allows you to access your files in your cloud account from your file structure on your computer's desktop. This feature is optional - it serves as an alternative to downloading your document from your Box account, making any edits, and uploading your new version back to Box. With desktop sync, your documents Save to the cloud account upon hitting Save in your document creation/editing program (Word, Excel, etc).

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Organizing your Box documents

Encourage students to have their own private folders for all of the materials for your specific course. They can add collaborators for new folders within that course container.

Students with disabilities benefit from having you organize all course materials (folders and documents) within a single overarching folder. This is because students with vision impairment who rely on screen reader programs require assistance in syncing folders to their computer's desktops. If there is a new folder for each project or assignment in your course, for example, and they want to access those materials from their desktop, they will need to contact the help desk for assistance every time a new project requires another folder. By syncing one parent folder to their desktop computers, blind and visually impaired students will always have access to 'child' folders that automatically update as material inside of the larger, synched folder.

Box folders should be well organized, with private information "high up" in the folder hierarchy, and expanded access granted to the specific folders your collaborators need, and no higher.


Editing Folder Notifications

With a very large folder containing documents for several subsequent projects, you may wish to turn off notifications for this folder, rather than using your default notification settings.

See:     BuckeyeBox: Edit Notifications Per Folder: 


Have other tips for instructors implementing BuckeyeBox into their courses? Your suggestions are welcome in the Feedback box below.

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