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Imagine what you can do with a BuckeyeBox!

Imagine what you can do with a BuckeyeBox!

A BuckeyeBox account allows you to share files and collaborate. There are thousands of examples we could provide—those listed here will give you some ideas about how you can use BuckeyeBox.

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With Students

  • Faculty can selectively release documents to students based on a pre-established schedule or which class they attend. Students can make comments on or revisions to these documents that are shared with the group. Read-only access to these documents can also be assigned; the level of access and the timeframe are established by the faculty member.
  • One student can upload a document to share with a group of students for project collaboration.
  • A group of students can collaborate on a document and share it with their instructor once their project is completed.
  • A student working with a peer mentor can create a document—or several—and have that single peer reviewer comment on only one single document or on all of them.
  • A student can create a direct link to a time-sensitive document and paste it into an email message to all the members of a group project team. She can allow immediate sharing, notification and access.
  • A graduate student working on her dissertation can create a shared "annotated bibliography" file space and populate it based on a template created by university library research consultants. The student can post annotated descriptions of each source to this file while she does her research. Research consultants can review and offer suggestions and comments on the documentation and on areas of possible additional investigation.

Administrative Work

  • Process forms can be distributed and completed both internally and with other institutions.
  • A faculty member preparing her tenure dossier can store and share documents with the review committee. She can establish a workflow process to track who has reviewed which documents and what comments or suggestions have been made. Conversely, the review committee can collaborate around these same documents, but not allow the faculty member applying for tenure to see their comments.
  • A staff member working in an administrative role for a faculty review group can upload documents into the group's shared space. This staff member can be granted access only to upload documents and not to see revisions or other comments made by the review group.

On the Go

  • Coaches and staff can share, collaborate and communicate on documents while traveling.
  • Students working in the field (i.e., outside the traditional classroom) can access files stored in BuckeyeBox via their mobile devices. If they are working collaboratively, they can also make changes and revisions and see updates from other members in their group.

Across Institutions

  • A university foundation or other fundraising group can share documentation with the development community on all campuses or with prospective donors.
  • A department can share multiple files (e.g., for a search committee) with multiple individuals. The workflow established can be tracked, such as who read specific documents and at what time, and who submitted comments or revisions.

More Robust Features

  • A user can share documents that are time-sensitive (i.e., only accessible between specific dates and times) with others. Once the time period has lapsed, the documents will no longer be accessible to those other users.
  • A user can differentiate between the notifications of updates and changes to her documents. For example, she can choose to be notified only about changes to one document or folder (e.g., a time-sensitive or critical project).
  • A faculty member can choose which files and documents he'd like to obtain from a professional conference web site (e.g., sessions he attends). He can email those documents directly to his BuckeyeBox account, rather than first storing them on his laptop.
  • A user can upload multiple documents at a single time (bulk upload), sending them to different BuckeyeBox directories (e.g., files 1-5 go to BuckeyeBox Folder "A", while files 6-10 go to BuckeyeBox Folder "B").


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