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What types of data are appropriate for my BuckeyeBox account?

What types of data are appropriate for my BuckeyeBox account?

BuckeyeBox is designed as a collaboration tool, but some types of institutional data are protected by University policies and federal and state laws and regulations. It is not acceptable to store on BuckeyeBox any institutional data classified as "restricted (S4)" (e.g. name with SSN, driver's license number, credit card number, protected health information (PHI), etc.)


The service is appropriate for personal files and information classified as limited or public. See Data Classifications.


You shouldn't use your BuckeyeBox account to collect, process, or store data covered by laws that protect privacy or require security measures. Individuals who use BuckeyeBox accounts for university work are responsible for ensuring that sensitive information is not placed or stored in unapproved or inappropriate locations.

Acceptable Use

You must agree to follow these acceptable usage standards and accept the responsibility of preserving the security and confidentiality of information that you store, post, share, or access before BuckeyeBox service is provisioned for you.

When your account is provisioned, you agree to:

  • Abide by the responsibilities outlined in the Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources
  • Understand the data classifications and maintain the appropriate safeguards to protect the information. See Policy on Institutional Data.
  • Use BuckeyeBox appropriately for institutional information, as noted above.
  • Periodically review your security and sharing settings, ensuring that university information is shared only with intended audiences.
  • Adhere to established university-wide and departmental policies and guidelines.
  • Understand that eligibility to use BuckeyeBox service is based on current affiliation with the university.


Failure to comply with information and IT policies may result in sanctions relating to the individual's use of IT resources (such as suspension or termination of access, or removal of online material); to the individual's employment (up to and including immediate termination of employment); to the individual's studies within the university (such as student discipline in accordance with applicable university policy); civil or criminal liability; or any combination of these. See Policy on Institutional Data.


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