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University Email Service - Student Accounts

What is a student account?

The University Email Service is the email system for faculty and staff of The Ohio State University. Students are not granted access to this system, but instead use the Buckeye Mail email system.  A student account can be created on the University Email Service if there is a business need that cannot be accommodated by the students personal email account.


When is a student account required?

A student account on the University Email Service is used when a student or student employee is required to actively manage or interact with the calendar of a staff or faculty member. It can also be used if an  email account is required for business purposes that needs to be distinctly separate from the students personal email account.


Is a student account required to allow them to access organizational email accounts?

No. Students can be granted access to an organizational email account without the need for a separate University Email Service student account.  You can find more information on allowing students access to organizational accounts at:

 University E-mail Service: Organizational E-mail Accounts


How do I request a University Email Service student account for my student employee?

To request a student account on the University Email Service:
  • A staff or faculty member must sponsor this account.  This sponsor can request the account at our Self Service.
  • Select the Order Services category and then select the University E-mail Service - Student Account link from the list of available services. 
  • Complete the form and click the Order Now  button in the upper-right corner. 
    • If you are requesting multiple accounts or services, you can click the Add to Cart button, complete your other requests and choose the Check Out button when finished.


How do I access a University Email Service student account once created?

Click to access instructions for accessing students accounts.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT Service Desk at (614) 688-4357 or .

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