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University E-Mail Service: Sync Issues Folders in Outlook

Synchronization Log Errors in Outlook

UES users checking their email through Outlook might see messages with a subject line of "Synchronization Log:".  These messages are always to and from the user, and typically will not be visible to the user unless they are using the "Folder List" view in Outlook, where they will appear in a folder named something similar to "Sync Issues".  They may also be displayed in "Unread Mail".



According to Microsoft, these are a known product issue with all versions of Outlook, most commonly seen in 2010.  They can be safely ignored and will not cause any damage to either the client or the server.  Microsoft has not told us when or if they intend to remedy these.  The messages also do not count against a user's mail quota, as they are stored locally on the client computer.

Note: this situation does NOT apply to those that are using the University E-mail Service Outlook Web App (OWA) at


Hiding the Messages

One way to hide them is to go to disable the downloading of shared folders in the Account Settings window.  Instructions for this are below.

1. Click the “File” tab

2. Click the “Account Settings” button

3. Select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu

4. A new window will appear, double click your email account.

5. Click the button marked “More Settings”

6. Click the “Advanced” tab

7. Uncheck the box next to “Download Shared Folders”

8. Click the following buttons to apply the change and close the windows: Apply>OK>Next>Finish>Close

9. Restart Outlook

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