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University E-mail Service: Configuration for Alternative Protocols

The University E-mail Service is the Exchange-based, university-provided e-mail and calendaring service for faculty and staff. The service uses Microsoft Exchange and the Outlook Web App. (BuckeyeMail is the university's e-mail service for students.)

The OCIO only officially supports the current Outlook clients on both MAC and Windows. Those currently include Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Preferred) on Windows. Outlook 2011 and Outlook 2016 (Preferred) on MAC.

*NOTE: If you send or receive restricted data (see the Institutional Data Policy) you should only use university-provided e-mail services and are encouraged to follow privacy practices as outlined on the Buckeye Secure web pages.

We strongly advise against the use of clients that require the POP and IMAP protocols but we understand that there is sometimes needs for its use. It is also very encouraged to check with your local IT support first for support within the local department/college. The OCIO IT Service Desk can only provide best effort support on clients using these protocols.

Considerations when using POP/IMAP:

If you have a University E-mail Service account and and choose to access your account using POP (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), you will not be able to fully utilize the following University E-mail Service features and functionality:

  • The university service provides a global address list that is populated with all faculty and staff accounts. You will not be able to view or use the global address list from your non-OSU service provider.
  • The university service provides an integrated calendar.
    • While other University E-mail Service users will see your address in the global address list to send you meeting invites, they will not know you are using a non-OSU service provider and will not be able to see your free/busy time to determine your availability.
    • Calendar information such as free/busy time for yourself and other University E-mail Service users will not be available to you from your non-OSU service provider.
    • You will not be able to schedule any calendar-related meeting resources (e.g., meeting rooms, phones, equipment, etc.) from the non-OSU service provider.

Configuration Information:

E-mail Address:
Username: Ohio State Username (
Password: The password for your Ohio State Username

POP3 over SSL
Incoming Mail Server:
Port: 995

IMAP4 over SSL
Incoming Mail Server:
Port: 993

Outgoing Mail Server:
Port*: 587

  • The default port is 25. You may need to setup the account using the default port first and then update the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) or Port value to 587. The steps you take to access and update the default value will vary based on the client or mobile device you use.

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