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Institutional Data Policy Training

Institutional Data Policy (IDP) Training

In the course of your work for The Ohio State University, you will be given access to many types of information about university business and research. Protecting Institutional Data  describes your role and responsibilities in preserving security and confidentiality while sharing and storing this information.


After you complete Protecting Institutional Data, you will be able to:

  • Explain your responsibilities for accessing and handling institutional data
  • Identify the four classifications of institutional data
  • Describe how you are permitted to share and store each classification of institutional data
  • Explain what you should do if you suspect the loss, unauthorized access, or exposure of institutional data

To complete this curriculum, you must:

  • Complete all modules of this training course
  • Pass the Institutional Data assessment
  • Read and accept the Institutional Data Usage and Confidentiality Agreement

Protecting Institutional Data Course Enrollment

  1. Go to
  2. Click Request to register; this will take you to the Transcript screen
  3. On the Transcript screen, click Launch to begin the training

For information on how to use this course as well as accessibility instructions and options, review How to Use OCIO Training:​

Contact if you have difficulty self-enrolling in the course.


Note:  Protecting Institutional Data replaces IDP training previously provided using Ohio State's Carmen and Wexner Medical Center’s NetLearning systems.

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