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University E-mail Service: Configuration for Mobile Devices


To configure your mobile device for the University E-mail Service, please use the following settings, combined with the setup guides found on your Mobile Service Provider's website below.

**Note:  ActiveSync must be enabled on your account to access your mail via a mobile device in this way. ActiveSync is NOT enabled by default and you must request to have it enabled on your account.

To request ActiveSync be enabled for your account you MUST submit a request through the Self Service Site located at:

There are two request items that pertain to ActiveSync and they are located in the category Messaging and Collaboration Services. Please be certain to choose the correct request item depending on where in the University you work.

OCIO Employees Must Select: OCIO Mobile Device Agreement
University Faculty/Staff (in any other department or area) choose: University E-mail Service - Mobile Device Activation


About Exchange ActiveSync: If you chose to use it, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) allows you to access and synchronize your University E-mail Service account with your supported EAS-enabled mobile device (e.g., smart phone, tablet computer). This may include some or all of the following: email, calendar, tasks, and notes. Synchronization means that actions taken using your support mobile device - for example, deleting a message accepting a calendar entry, or adding a task - are committed to the University E-mail Service server and will affect all the clients (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Web App) you use to access your account.


Account Type Microsoft Exchange (may also be listed as ActiveSync or Corporate Sync)
Email/Email Address
Password Your current Ohio State University password


You may need to enter some additional information if just entering your email address does not work. this information is:

Account Type Microsoft Exchange (may also be listed as ActiveSync or Corporate Sync)
Username lastname.#
Password Your current Ohio State University password
Domain OSUAD


Security Policies:You may be prompted to enable a security policy on your phone to complete the ActiveSync setup. This policy will generally be set by your department requiring that your device have a passcode set to unlock the device to prevent unauthorized access.  You may see one of the following messages.  Simply agree to the security policy by following the prompts to continue. If you choose not to accept the policy, your account will not be setup on your mobile device.

Apple iOS

Apple support link can be found here


AT&T's support page can be found here:

When you visit that page, you should be prompted to select your device from the list. After selecting your device, you should be presented with the Help page for the device. Select the E-mail option on the left, then select "Configure Corporate Email". This should provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup your UES Email account using the settings provided above.


Verizon's support page can be found here: 

When you visit that page, click the option for Device. This will prompt you to select your device from the list. Once you have selected your device, you should see an Email Setup button next to the picture of your phone. This will open a PDF version of your device manual, where you can navigate to the Microsoft Exchange section for a step-by-step guide on how to setup your email account.


Sprint's support page can be found here:

When you visit that page, select your device from the list. This will then forward you to the device page, and you should be able to select the help article you need from the left under "Getting Started FAQs". The help article you will need should be the "Setting up email" link. If you do not see the help guide you need listed there, you can also view the Device Manual from the User Guide option below the FAQs.


T-Mobile's support page can be found here:

When you visit that page, select your device from the list, then click the "Common Procedures" option below the picture of your device. This should list all the help articles available for your device. Select the "Email" option, then Email (name of Device). On the next page, scroll down to the "Adding a new Exchange e-mail account" section, and follow the steps listed there.

Additional Help

If you have any trouble navigating your Mobile Service Provider's website, or if you need any further assistance in configuring your device for OSUWireless, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone at (614) 688-HELP (4357).

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