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Faculty Center Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently-asked questions about the Faculty Center.
 Accessing/Navigating the Faculty Center

Class Rosters/Wait Lists




SIS and Carmen




 Term Numbering

What information is available through the Faculty Center in the SIS?
The Faculty Center provides instructors with access to the Class Roster Grade Roster, the Schedule of Classes.  Advisors with instructor access will be able to obtain detailed information about their advisees' academic history. A drop-in advisee feature allows for temporary access to a student's academic information. Full step-by-step procedures are available in the Faculty Center Reference Guide, Introduction to the Faculty Center.
How can I get to the Faculty  Center?
The Faculty Center is linked prominently from the Faculty & Staff page of Buckeye Link, Simply click the Faculty Center link and sign in using your Ohio State Username (lastname.#) and Password.
Is the Weekly Schedule automatically generated? What do the colors (Green, Orange, etc.) signify?      
The Teaching Schedule and Weekly Schedule list the classes you have been  assigned to teach, so they could indeed be considered "automatically generated."  The colors are chosen by the system solely to create visual contrast between  classes--they have no particular significance.


Will my teaching assistant(s) also have access to my classes in the Faculty Center?
Yes, if they are listed as one of the instructors for the class in the Schedule of Classes, they will have access to the class through the  Faculty Center.


What if my teaching assistants are not listed as an instructor for the class in the Schedule of Classes (Master Schedule)? Is it possible to add them so they have access  to the class in the Faculty Center?
Yes. Your department's class scheduling contact can add your teaching  assistants to the class in the Schedule of Classes.
How do I get access to the  Faculty Center?
Anyone who is listed as an instructor for a class in the Schedule of Classes will be granted access to the Faculty Center.


What password do I use to access the Faculty Center?
Use your Ohio State Password. Refer to the Self-Service site at if you have questions about your Ohio State Username and Password.


What if I don't know/forgot my password?
Go to the Self-Service site at if you have forgotten your Ohio State Username and/or Password. From here you  can recover your username or reset your password.


Do I have to change my password periodically?
Yes, at least every 180 days. However, you are free to change your password  more frequently if you like. For more information about your Ohio State Username  and Password, refer to the Self-Service site at


How can I get my class rosters?
Class rosters are available through the Faculty Center by clicking on the  class-roster icon next to the class. Refer to Introduction to the Faculty Center: View a Class Roster for more information. Class rosters are also available through the CarmenCanvas People list. Information regarding the Carmen People list may be obtained at
What if someone else gives me my class rosters?
Each college or department has a class scheduling contact that has access to class rosters for the unit's classes.


Is there a potential problem with Faculty Center notifications being caught in spam filters?
Spam filtering is a complex issue, but we don't anticipate any widespread  problems. Ohio State's spam filters are configured to pass any email originating  from the domain. Since SIS Faculty Center notifications are sent "from"  the originating instructor, these should not be trapped by the spam filter.


Why do I need to post my final grades in the SIS, and what does that mean?
The SIS is the system of record for enrollment information. All grades  must be posted in the SIS.  Refer to Introduction to the Faculty Center: Post Final Grades Using the Grade Roster.  You can also continue to send grades from your Carmen course and then verify them in the SIS. See for more information.


What is the SIS Faculty Center Gradebook?
The SIS Faculty Center Gradebook is a method of tracking and maintaining  students' grades for assignments and is a separate tool from Carmen.


What are the similarities and differences between the Carmen Grades tool and the SIS Gradebook, including how information is displayed to students?
Both the Carmen Grades tool and the SIS Gradebook allow instructors to monitor  progress by assignment and to obtain cumulative grade information that can  then be uploaded directly to the SIS final grade roster. In both systems,  you can keep track of assignments by categories, adjust the overall grading  scale, weight individual assignments for the final overall grade, access your  class rosters, limit students' views of certain elements of the gradebook, create extra credit assignments, make notes for students to see, and limit  students' access to certain notes. The SIS gradebook does not allow the  ability to create quizzes, auto-grade them, and have the grades populate the gradebook. The Canvas Assignment functions that allow students to submit assignments and quizzes and automatically record them in the gradebook continue to be available in the Carmen system. See for more information about using Carmen tools.


What is an Enrollment Appointment?
This is the opening/ending date and time during which a student can enroll in or drop classes (also referred to as the "Registration Window").


Students can see their grades by assignment in Carmen. Can they be able to see grades by assignment in the SIS?
Yes, if an instructor chooses to use the SIS Faculty Center Gradebook, students will be able to click Assignments in their Student Center to see their Gradebook information. Final grades must be submitted through the SIS to be considered official.


Is use of the SIS Gradebook required?
No—it is offered as option to other tracking methods for faculty who prefer it.


Does the Faculty Center communicate with Carmen for class rosters and grades?
Class rosters are available in the CarmenCanvas People list. Grades can be sent from Carmen to the SIS, but the instructor will need to verify and post the grades within the SIS Faculty Center. For information about submitting final grades through the Carmen Grades tool, see


What if someone else usually enters grades for me?
Another person, such as a teaching assistant, can enter grades for you if  he or she is listed in the SIS as an instructor for the class with grade posting capability; however, you will still need to review and post the final grades. There may also be someone in your department with administrative grade posting access who can enter and post grades for any course in the department.


Can my teaching assistant post my grades?
If your teaching assistant is set up in the SIS as an instructor for the  class with grade posting capability, he or she can enter the grades and mark them ready for your review, but only you can post them. There may also be someone  in your department with administrative grade posting access that can enter and  post grades for any course in the department.


Can  students have the ability to look up past grades?
Yes, past terms are available. Students are prompted to choose the term they want to view when they click "View Grades." Students can also print an Advising Report to see their complete academic history.


How do I know if there is a wait list for my class?
The SIS Faculty Center class roster allows you to filter class enrollment  by various criteria, including wait listed, dropped, and graduating students.  For more information, refer to Introduction to the Faculty Center: View a Class Roster.


Can I see how many and which students are on my class wait list?
The SIS Faculty Center class roster allows you to filter class enrollment  by various criteria, including wait listed, dropped, and graduating students.  For more information, refer to Introduction the the Faculty Center:View a Class Roster


If a student wait lists several times for the same course, do they show up once or multiple times?
The student will appear in each section for which they have wait-listed.  A report is being designed to remove duplicates and give a more accurate account  of course demand.

How will students be notified when they are entered in a wait listed class?

A student who is systematically moved from the wait list into a class will  be sent a system generated email informing the student that he or she is enrolled in the class.


How do I know who in my class are graduating students?
The SIS Faculty Center class and grade rosters allow you to view class enrollment  by various criteria, including wait listed, dropped, and graduating students.  For more information, refer to Introduction to the Faculty Center: View a Class Roster.


When is the Grade Roster made available?
Typically during the 5th week of the term. This can vary depending on the term/session.

If an Incomplete (I) grade is extended what is the process?

An Extension of Incomplete form must be  completed, approved and forwarded to the Registrar's Office for them to make  the change. The "IX" grade should never be assigned as part of the grade posting process.


Can I see information about students whom I advise?
The SIS Faculty Center features an Advisor Center tab that provides access to advisee information for those advisors with an instructor role. For more information on viewing advisee information, refer to Introduction to the Faculty Center: Use the Advisor Center.


Can faculty members who are not assigned advisor templates access advising information?
No; advising information is available only to instructors who are assigned  an advisor template.


Who assigns advisees to faculty?
Each college/department has designated staff who make faculty/advisee assignments.

Can I see information for other students who are not currently my advisees, but who may be thinking about switching to my department?
Yes. For more information, refer to the "Drop-In Advisees" section of  Introduction to the Faculty Center: Use the Advisor Center.


What is the FERPA indicator in the  SIS, and what does it mean?
The FERPA indicator ( ) denotes a student has requested a restriction on the release of all her or his directory information. Refer to The Ohio State University's Policy Concerning Privacy and Release of Student Education Records
   (, maintained by the University Registrar's office..


How can students grant permission for sponsors or others to whom they want to give access to grade information, and how will I know this?
Students must complete the Student Information Release on their Student Center throught the SIS.


Will I be able to see my advisees if I am not teaching?
Once listed on a class, an instructor will continue to have access to the  Faculty Center, even for terms in which she or he is not teaching. Advisors  who are not instructors may be granted access to the Student Services Center  to obtain information about their advisees. The Student Services Center is  linked prominently from the Faculty & Staff page of Buckeye Link,


Will I have access to classes after the term in which the class was taught? Will I still be able to send e-mail to students on the roster after the end of the term?
Yes. You will have access to past classes, including the ability to send  e-mail to students on the roster, indefinitely.


What is the rationale behind the SIS term numbering scheme (2 = spring, 4 = summer,  and 8 = autumn)?
During development, consultants with experience at other institutions recommended  that space be left between terms to provide flexibility. Additional spacing  was suggested between summer and autumn terms as this is where changes are most likely to occur.


On a PC using Internet Explorer, it is necessary to hold down the CTRL key when clicking the roster/class list icon to download a Class Roster (or other list) as an Excel file. Is this also necessary on a Macintosh computer?
No. Holding down the CTRL key is a workaround specific to Internet Explorer on the PC. It is not necessary with any other browser/operating system combination


I use a Mac computer and my class rosters are not printing correctly.
As a Mac user you have some different options:
  • If you are using Safari as your browser, the title may not display correctly, but you can print the rosters. Here are the directions: From the Class Roster (prior to clicking on Printer Friendly), right-click the frame and select Open Frame in New Window (or tab) to bring up the class roster. Next click the Printer Friendly button.
  • Download the browser from Mozilla which also works on Macs (Firefox).

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