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Sites Not Displaying Properly In Newer Internet Explorers - Compatibility View

Due to changes in the way it handles certain types of websites and styles, some websites may not display properly in new versions of Internet Explorer (IE) -- this can include issues like misaligned text, images, or text boxes, and can even cause overlapping images and styles, preventing the page from being read.

In the university's Administrative Systems (PeopleSoft HR/SIS, Financials, and associated applications), common issues include menus/pages not displaying correctly and queries becoming stuck in processing mode. For more information on browser compatibility and the Administrative Systems, see the Technical Support Information page.

If you're using a new/upgraded version of IE and encounter a page with these types of issues, try turning on Compatibility View. This will make the page appear as it would in previous versions and may correct the issues you are seeing.

Go to the Tools menu (you may need to press [Alt] to see the Menu bar), select Compatibility View Settings, and click [Add] to view the specific page you are on in Compatibility View or select Display all websites in Compatibility View.

See Discover Internet Explorer for more information about the latest version of IE.

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