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osuwireless – Secure Wireless Network

The Ohio State University provides wireless network services for Ohio State students, faculty, staff and guests. The wireless networks are maintained by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Two primary wireless networks are currently available: Secure Wi-Fi and Open Wi-Fi.
Secure Wi-Fi is provided for students, faculty, and staff via the encrypted network osuwireless. To connect:
  1. Run the osuwireless configuration utility to have your device automatically configured
If you do not have Internet connectivity:
  1. Connect to the open Wi-Fi network, WiFi@OSU
  2. Open a web browser and go to
  3. Upon being redirected to a login page, click on Connect to osuwireless to have your device automatically configured


The osuwireless configuration utility successfully configures numerous device types. However, in the event the configuration utility does not work, you may choose one of the popular operating systems below for instructions on manually configuring your device for osuwireless.
Please visit for answers to frequently asked questions.
If you have read the article above and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the IT Service Desk. Submitting Feedback below simply lets us know if the directions in this article were helpful.

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