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OSU Human Resources Background Check Emails

First Advantage Background Checks - OSU Human Resources 

Ohio State Human Resources has partnered with First Advantage to provide HR-required background checks. The email is automatically generated and is sent by This email contains many characteristics that may be similar to phishing attempts, but could be a legitimate email generated by the university. Key factors to verify authenticity are that Ohio State HR has been in touch with you about the need for you to complete a background check in coordination with your new role, and the email was sent by

Example of legitimate background check email sent by First Advantage:

When filling out your background check, please take steps to ensure your online privacy and safety. We recommend you do not use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection or use a public computer to complete the process.

If you have any questions or concerns about the authenticity of a background check email you received, please contact prior to providing any information.

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