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Configuring An iOS Device to Check BuckeyeMail

Please refer to BuckeyeMail/Student Advantage - Office 365 Mobile Setup  for the latest Knowledge Base information on configuration of Mobile Devices for Office 365.

NOTE: See BuckeyeMail - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

In order to set up your iOS device to sync with BuckeyeMail, you must be running version 2.0 or higher of the iOS software.

On the iOS device, go to Settings.

Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Go to Add Account.

From the list of account types, select Microsoft Exchange.

You'll see the following screen:


Field Name:You Enter:
Password Your OSU Password
Description The name you want displayed in your email accounts

Note: *** Please use the in your email address - ***

The Description field will default to the e-mail address you entered - you can leave that as the default.

Click Next. There will be a delay while your iOS device talks to the server and checks these settings.
When that completes, you'll see the same screen, this time with a new field:

On/Off sliders for Mail, Contacts, and Calendars will appear. Verify the options you want to sync with your device.

Attention!! WARNING!!!!! If you enable syncing with Contacts and Calendars, it WILL erase any Contacts and Calendars you previously had set on your phone! Be sure to back up your Contacts and Calendars BEFORE setting those up to sync.

The only exception to this appears to be for subscribers Cloud services. Subscribers to these services will see both their iCloud Contacts and Calendars AND BuckeyeMail Contacts and Calendars.

Once you have verified your syncing options, click DONE.
You should be able to access your BuckeyeMail e-mail under the iOS device Mail application immediately. If you had already configured another e-mail account on your iPhone, you will need to click the back arrows located at the top-left of the Mail window to get out to the account selection screen.
Contacts and Calendars are accessed separately, through the respective iOS applications. After setup, allow a few minutes for the data for these to synchronize.


Rarely, you may run into a situation where your device can not communicate with the server using the default set up seen here. Please see this article for Alternative Settings that may be used.

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