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IE BUMPER Ohio State Username Password

Every 180 days, all OSU faculty, staff, and students are required to change their Ohio State Username password. You will receive an e-mail reminder 14, 7, and 1 day prior to your password expiration date. If you know the current password for your OSU Internet Username, follow the instructions below to change it. If you have forgotten this password, refer to " Forgotten Ohio State Username or Password" for instructions on how to do a password reset.

Print and follow the instructions below:

1. Open a new window in your web browser.

2.  Go to and log in with your current password.    Important:   If you are changing your password for the first time at, you will be prompted to complete the identity activation steps.    A password change is part of the activation process.  


3.  Click Change My Password in the left navigation column.   This will open up the Change My Password page.   


4.  Type your existing password in the Current Password field.

5.  Create a new password consisting of a minimum of 8 (eight) characters and at least three of these four character sets:

  1. Upper-case letters (A-Z)
  2. Lower-case letters (a-z)
  3. Special characters (!@#$%^&)
  4. Numerals (0-9)

    Note: Avoid using dictionary words or a password you have used previously on OSU systems. Consider the recommendations that appear on the page when creating a password. Note you will not be able to re-use a password active with your last 50 resets.

6.  Type the password in the New Password field.

7.  Re-type the password in the Re-Enter New Password field.

8.  Click Submit.

If you have read the article above and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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