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About the Site

The Self-Service site at is the online location for maintaining your digital identity at Ohio State.

  • Password synchronization: Your Ohio State username and password is synched to the following resources:

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Activating Your Identity

All OSU faculty, staff, and students are required to go to to activate their identities before their account can be used. Those who do not have a currently active Ohio State Username (e.g, new faculty/staff or applicants) must request an activation code before the process can be completed. (Prior to orientation, incoming students will receive information about activating. See Eligibility for Ohio State Username for more information.)

The activation process consists of five steps:

  1. Entering information about yourself to verify your identity;
  2. Reading and agreeing to the Policy on Responsible Use of Computing and Network Resources;
  3. Selecting your security challenges and providing responses (a minimum of five);
  4. Setting a password that meets minimum security requirements; and
  5. Indicating where your e-mail should be forwarded.

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Once the activation process is complete, you can log in to any time to perform tasks:

  • Forgotten username: If you forget your username, find it by clicking "Forgot Username?" on the login page. You will need to supply certain information about yourself so you can be located in the Identity Vault. See "Forgotten Ohio State Username or Password" for more information on how to locate your username
  • Forgotten password: If you forget the password that goes with your Ohio State Username, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot password?" on the login page. You must respond to the Security Challenges with the correct responses to access the reset feature. See "Forgotten Ohio State Username or Password" for more information on how to reset your password
  • Password change: Your password must be changed at least once every 180 days. You can change it by logging in and clicking "Change My Password" in the left navigation bar. See Ohio State Username Password for more information on how to change your password.
  • Security questions: Security Challenge Responses are used for confirming your identity when accessing certain features at You can change your questions/response, by logging in and clicking Security Challenge Responses. See Security Challenge Questions/Answers for more information on how to view and change your security questions.
  • Personal information: This page displays information about you that is stored in the Identity Vault including your name, OSU ID, Ohio State Username, published e-mail address, preferred first name, campus address, and employment and enrollment information as applicable. See My OSU Identity Information for more information on updating your personal information.
  • E-mail forwarding: Most official e-mail from the university is addressed to your OSU e-mail address in the form Faculty and staff who prefer to receive e-mail at a different address can select a departmental address or non-OSU provider. Students have the option of using Buckeye Mail or a non-OSU provider. See E-mail Delivery Forwarding for more information on how to update your e-mail forwarding.
  • Guest Identities: Applies only to individuals who have been given the authority to create sponsored guest accounts. If you are not authorized, you will not see this option listed. See Creating Guest Identities for Non-OSU Affiliates for more information.

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Most current browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are acceptable. However, there have been some issues in testing with some versions of Internet Explorer. Also, those using a screen reader should be aware Internet Explorer 9 does not recognize our accessibility labels and headings, so this may cause difficulty with some tasks.
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